The Difficulties: Ron Silliman Issue, Vol. 2, No. 2, edited by Tom Beckett, Kent, OH, 1985
    Quarry West 34: Ron Silliman and The Alphabet, edited by Thomas A. Vogler, University of California at Santa Cruz, 1998
      Jacket 39: Ron Silliman Feature, includes poems from Crow; "Questioning the Limits of Language: The New Sentence in Ron Silliman's Poetry & Poetics," by Manuel Brito; "What" by Jordan Davis;  "'Pay More Attention': Silliman's BART and Contemporary 'Everyday Life Projects'" by Andrew Epstein; "The Residual Work: Tjanting and the Poetics of Experience," by Andy Gricevich; "No Content Left: Silliman's Transit" by Ian Keenan; "From Practice, to Reading" by T.C. Marshall; "The Labor of Repetition: Silliman's 'Quips' and the Politics of Intertextuality" by Lytle Shaw; "Closer Readers" by Dale Smith; Projective Recursion: The Structure of Ron Silliman's Tjanting" by William Watkin; "Ron Silliman and the Ethnicization of the Avant-Garde" by Timothy Yu, January, 2010, 170 printed pages
        Ron Silliman’s This: The Selected Concordance, edited by Joe Milutis, Triple Canopy, Brooklyn, 2011. Published as a component of Milutis’ “The Quiddities,” a multimedia essay in Triple Canopy no. 11.

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