"Contemporary Poetry, Alternate Routes: Reading Ron Silliman," MLA. 111th Convention, Chicago, December 1995. Chaired by Charles Bernstein, Included "Do Tell: Ketjak and Stein's Narration," by Tom Marshall; "Composing the Social: Poetic Form and Social Formation in the Work of Ron Silliman," by Steve Evans; and "What the El: Lit and Other Word Wiggles," by Tom Vogler.
    "The Alphabet: A Symposium on Ron Silliman's Long Poem," papers by Jed Rasula, "A Telephone from the Beyond: Ipod Wagnerism," and "Panorama Sentence by Sentence: The Poetry of Ron Silliman," Marianne Ølholm: "Formal Multiplicity in The Alphabet," Brian Jansen: "Roland Barthes, the New Sentence, and Word as Commodity: The Alphabet as Contemporary Mytholography," Joshua Schuster: "Our Whole Archive Has Prepared Us for This," Christopher Kerr: "Watch Your Step! 'Pataphysics and the Pun of Engines in 'Engines'," Hillary Clark: "Trash Collection in The Alphabet," Burt Kimmelman: "The Alphabet, Post Objectivist Poetics, and American Writing since The New American Poetry," Michael Hessel-Mial: "Earth and Sky: Eco-Phenomenology and The Alphabet,"  Braydon Beaulieu: "Between sentences, something hides," Elisabeth Joyce: "Looking up and Looking Down: Ron Silliman's Poetry of Accretion," Barrett Watten: "Radical Particularity; or, The Whole is the Untrue," Andrew Klobucar: "Technical Difficulties: Informational Discourse and Poetics," Jeff Derksen: "Urban What,"  Pierre Beaumier: "The Reader's Encounter and the Difficulty of Form as Social Struggle," Jasmine Elliott: "the map is not / built about the city': metapoetics and the narrative struggle in The Alphabet," Timothy Yu: "Yet His Best Friend Was Hispanic': Race, Contradiction, and Autobiography in (and Under) Albany," Brian Ang: "Quindecagon,' Literary History, and Strict Constructionism,"  Ashley Girty: "The Most Beautiful of All Carpenter's Tools is the Level': On Seriality and Parataxis in The Alphabet,"  Louis Cabri: "Play-drive Station (on aestheticizing The Alphabet). Panel hosted by Steve McCaffery: "The Long Poem in the Age of Twitter."  Readings & talks by Rae Armantrout, Jeff Derksen, Carla Harryman, Steve McCaffery, Ron Silliman, & Barrett Watten. University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario, March 25–26, 2011 
      Kelly Writers House Fellow, University of Pennsylvania, 2012

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